I wasn't able to focus on my veggie garden this year. I started seeding the tomatoes late, around end of January. From my past experience, seeding tomatoes should start in December, so that the seedlings are already a good height when I will be transplanting them come February, when the weather is just right for them to grow to their full potential, which is sunny but not scorching hot. This should last from February to mid-April. Well, that happens in a perfect world. My world however, is full of other things to accomplish besides gardening.

Irrigating the garden is not that easy too since the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA) announced that we are experiencing draught because of the effects of El Nino, so our water supply is cut during the day and only comes in at night. We have to save water we use during the day in a big tanks. So wasn't able to easily irrigate my garden. :-( As can be expected with scorching hot summer weather and limited water supply, my plants did not fare so well.

Dry earth.

Lone tomato.

My bellpepper plant with fruit.
Bell pepper plants.

Freshly-picked cherry tomatoes.


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