After a year of Sabbatical.....

Yes, I'm back! I was unable to update my blog after June last year since it was already the monsoon season in the Philippines. It was hard to maintain all the plants since the weather is just not cooperating and everything dies from being beaten by the rain so often. This lasted up to September last year. And by the time September arrives, I'm just too busy with work and everything else that's happening with my life since its the time to be preparing for the Christmas season. Yes, it starts as early as September! :-) Oh, and I also went on a 1-month vacation in Richmond, Canada(more of that later). So I was unable to plant til the new year! That was a six-month rest for me from maintaining the veggie garden.

I was lucky enough that my boss allowed me to take a month of vacation leave to visit my sister in Richmond last October. We went to the Vancouver Aquarium since I always make it a point to visit an aquarium when I travel to a new place that has one. I just love everything about aquariums, the fishes, the habitats, the sea mammals, and the other animals, everything! I'm just so amazed by them. That day we also went to Stanley Park, Yaletown and finally Granville Island. OK, since my blog is mainly all about veggies and gardening I'll limit my writing of other topics. :-)

Granville Island Public Market
There was a lot to buy other than produce in this market. From frozen stuffed pastas like tortellini, ravioli and gnocchi, to frozen turkey pies and even gourmet fudge candies! Since it was almost Thanksgiving, we bought turkey pies. Too bad I wasn't able to try the candies, they look so tempting! There were so many things for sale in just one place! There were even musicians playing different musical instruments like the violin, cello, and guitar while singing! It was such a fun atmosphere! There were also a few galleries and arts and crafts stores outside but we just went in the Granville Island Public Market and had our afternoon snack there. There was also a French Patisserie/Boulangerie where we bought some pastries. We drank coffee and ate the best Pecan Cinnamon Roll and Lemon Poppy seed cake! Yum!

And being a newbie veggie gardener that had a semi-successful planting season of tomatoes last year.... I'm just so thrilled to see tomatoes in different colors!
From red, orange, yellow orange, pale yellow, purple, apple green and olive green!

Me beside the veggie stall.


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