First Three Months of 2009

Since I was little, I loved to plant things. Mung beans, corn from popcorn packs, any seed that I can get my hands on I tried to plant. All failed attempts at growing my own veggies.... what can I do? I was just a child back then and don't know anything about fertilizers,compost, mulch, etc. etc....

Fast forward. After graduating from college, I have to take care of my dad who was then sick. I have a lot of free time and started to learn how to cook.... and use herbs. So I got interested in basil, rosemary, oregano, particularly because I love cooking Italian-style food....started planting these herbs in containers then the rest, as they say, is history.....

Fast forward to the present, I just started my "full-scale" veggy garden this year, started out with my favorite all-time herb, basil. There are also "spring onions" as we call it locally and tomatoes, plus a capsicum and ginger in between. I really got excited about two weeks ago when I first "harvested" my two tomatoes. I considered them good-sized tomatoes(around 2 inches across, I did not weigh it though) since we have bought smaller ones at the supermarket. This morning, I woke up early and did all the pruning necessary in my tomato patch, snapped a couple of pictures for records sake.
The Existing Veggy Garden

Thai Basil starting to bloom

Spring Onions, basically planted onions and use the tops for soups, omelets, etc.

My tomatoes, I really am not sure what particular varieties these are since we got the seeds from tomatoes we bought at the supermarket, market, and maybe a few strays??? I'll explain this as we go along....

These are the ones I'm so happy about, I know its not really that impressive like the other types of tomatoes like the beefsteak variety, but I'm just proud that my garden was able to produce this size of a tomato, normally we buy these at the supermarket or market and now we just pick them from the veggie patch! Great right?

I was quite suprised with this variety, at first, I thought the tomato just lacked some fertilizers or something that made it shaped like this, but as it produced more fruits, all of them are shaped like this! I call them my pear tomatoes. We probably bought this from the market.

Here's the major surprise. Imagine how many question marks popped over my head when these popped on the tomato plants I expected to yield 2-inch-across-sized tomatoes. I thought how did these get in my tomato patch??? We certainly did not buy any tomato the size of marbles?! Its even smaller than cherry tomatoes! So I did a little research and found out that there really are the really really small varieties of tomatoes, which are called currant tomatoes. So I guess these are currant tomatoes? I still haven't figured out how we got them. The mystery is still to be solved.....

More pictures of the mystery currant tomatoes....

More of my regular tomatoes

There's no escaping the Blossom-End Rot that plagues a few of my tomato fruits.(Upper Left)

We are currently working on our 2nd veggie bed.... I'm planning of doing a raised-bed.


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