My Fave Plants in the Garden

Other than veggies, we have a few plants in our garden that I really love. These are just some of them... The Papyrus Plants.

True papyrus are marshland plants, it can grow to around 3-4 meters high and have a clump of thread-like "leaves" on the top that make it fluffy-looking, almost like a feather duster. It was once used as the material to manufacture papyrus paper, the writing surface of the Ancient Eqyptians.

My papyrus plant with some water lettuces, this papyrus plant is not the same kind as what you'll find in Ancient Egypt.

A closer look.... it's already blooming.

Dwarf papyrus.... but I'm not sure if it is a true papyrus plant, it sure looks like a miniature papyrus... maybe its in the same family. And as you can see it is not submerged in water. It will thrive as long as it is constantly watered.

A clump with a baby plant.

Baby plant can be planted in a new pot.
As a marshland plant, the papyrus loves wet soil, but if its possible, the soil where it is planted should be submerged in water, as to mimic its native environment.


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